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Pressure regulators

Our pressure regulatorr use a specially-designed diaphragm for supreme pressure & temperature characteristics and reproducibility.

Pressure regulators

Supre precision regulator(RS/RR series)

  • Supre precision regulator(RS/RR series)
  • Rolling diaphragm and measuring capsule for pressure control

Precision regulator(RP series)

  • Precision regulator(RP series)
  • High-precision pneumatic control with r±0.5% repeatability ・

Small precision regulator(RP2 series)

  • Small precision regulator(RP2 series)
  • A pressure regulator with excellent performance in compact size

Ultra compact regulator(RG series)

  • Ultra compact regulator(RG series)
  • The smallest and lightest in class

General purpose regulator(RA/RB series)

  • General purpose regulator(RA/RB series)
  • Compact pressure-reducing valve with a push-lock knob.
    Liquid-control model also available.

Electro-pneumatic converter(RT/KRE series)

  • Electro-pneumatic converter(RT/KRE series)
  • Precision electro-pneumatic converter with open-loop control

Precision vacuum regulator(RV series)

  • Precision vacuum regulator(RV series)
  • Precision vacuum regulator for large-flow rates

Small vacuum regulator(RV2 series)

  • Small vacuum regulator(RV2 series)
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight

Clean room compatible.

  • Clean room compatible.
  • Ultra-precision regulator compatible with clean room requirements
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